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Many people think their floor is beyond repair and often cover their possibly stunning expensive timber floor with cheap tiles or carpet. Or maybe you have a chipboard floor hidden by carpet but long for that timeless finish fo timber. It takes a lot before we would write off a timber floor as beyond repair. Often it is just a case of debris removal, sanding and refinishing to make your floor glow with life again.

Your restored or new timber floor is a timeless addition to your home and can last years without ever needing refinishing again. Often a simple buff or single coat of laquer will get your restored floor looking new again after years of abuse. Try that with carpet or tiles.

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A New Timber Floor Over Chipboard

s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress001.jpg 1. Floor preparation work. In this image you can see how the existing tiles over the chipboard flooring has been broken up ready for removal from the premises.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress002.jpg 2. At this point of the job you will probably be biting your nails thinking what have I done. But thankfully it isn't as bad as it looks.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress003.jpg 3. The removal of the tiles can be a time consuming job but the rewards of a stunning timber floor will be worth it in the end.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress004.jpg 4. After all the tiles have been broken up we remove the debris from the premisies ready for the next stage of the process.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress005.jpg 5. The tiles are now cleaned up and swept away. The chipboard is now cleaned ready for the floor boards to be layed.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress006.jpg 6. The professional Get A Gleam crew ensure the floor is level and no dags of old tile debris are left sticking up. This will ensure your new floor lays level.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress007.jpg7. Here is a partially laid floor. The nail gun in the foreground is used to nail your new floorboards down to the floor joists under the existing chipboard floor.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress008.jpg 8. Looking from this angle you can see a large portion of the original chipboard flooring that was previously the base for your tiles.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress009.jpg 9. Getting close now. The floor laying is nearing completion ready for the next stage of filling nail holes and any gaps.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress010.jpg 10. The floor is now filled to remove nail hole imperfections The puttying process is probably one of the most important stages of the job.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress011.jpg 11. The floor boards are then sanded to a smooth finish ready for the final stage of the process. The laquering. Our sanders put off a minimal amount of dust to help keep the job tidy.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress012.jpg 12. The finished item. Blackbutt flooring with a high gloss polyurethane finish. There is a wide variety of finishes and gloss levels you can use.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress013.jpg 13. The 2 pack polyurethane finish on this floor gives a stunning shine and is extremely hard wearing.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_layingprogress014.jpg 14. Note how the laquering stage brings out the rich colours of the Blackbutt timber. Get A Gleam can lay floors for you in a wide variety of timbers including Blackbutt, Cyprus Pine and Jarrah.

A Restored Cyprus Pine Floor

s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_cyprusrestoration001.jpg 1. This Cyprus Pine floor has seen better days. Many would just put carpet over it because they think the buildup of debris is all too much work.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_cyprusrestoration002.jpg 2. Here is the completed floor after all the debris has been sanded off and the floor has gone through a similar process to the last floor shown. Excluding the laying of course.

Refinishing a Timber Floor With Tiles Over

s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_tileovertimber001.jpg 1. In this picture the tiles have been removed leaving a build up of tile fragments and glue. Looks like a mess at this point but prepare to be suprised.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_tileovertimber002.jpg 2. Using our specialised floor sanders we sand the floor with different grade sand papers to remove all the debris from the floor.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_tileovertimber003.jpg 3. Here is the floor after sanding and any repairs have been carried out. The floor has then been resanded to remove excess putty from the surface in any repairs or nail holes.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_tileovertimber004.jpg 4. The finished product. The timber floor compliments any home as seen here in this kitchen.

Refinishing a Floating Timber Floor

s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_floatingtimber001.jpg 1. Yes even floating timber floors can be refinished. Well good quality ones with a thick layer of real timber on them. Not laminates. Here the floor is being sanded to remove the original laquer.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_floatingtimber002.jpg2. Notice the difference now the original laquer has been removed and the original timber textures show through.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_floatingtimber003.jpg 3. The owners of this home had us mix a custom colour floor stain to apply to the floor before refinishing with laquer.
s_120_80_16777215_00_images_beforeafter_floatingtimber004.jpg 4. You would never tell this was a pin coloured finish now the stain has been applied and a high gloss polyuerthane laquer added.

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