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Get A Gleam can use a variety of finishes on your timber floor. Be it a new floor or restored floor.

Each finishing material has its own advantages. Talking to one of our qualified staff will be the best way for you to decide which material will best suit your application.

Read some of the basic information below to at least give you a rough idea as to what finish would best suit your individual needs. These are just a guide to some of the possible coating solutions.

Tung Oil Finish

Tung oil is a natural blend of resins which produces a highly desirable silky-soft and lusturous hand rubbed finish. The downfall is that tung oil needs to be waxed regularly which can be very labour intensive.

Water Based Laquers

Water based finishes are a tough flexible laquer finish available in a variety of sheens. Minimal yellowing, fast drying and low odours are some of the advantages of using a water based polyuerthane. The downside is water based laquers are not as hard wearing as oil based ones.

Oil Based Laquers

Oil based laquers are usually the best finish to use on timber floors when it comes to being hard wearing but have the downfalls of taking much longer to fully cure and also smell for a small period of time after the job is completed.

Stain Colours and Timbers

Many lighter coloured timbers can be stained to give you a different look. Of course it does not apply to all timbers and the finish can vary depending on your timber colour. These colours below will give you a fair guide as to what is available. We can also custom mix stains to suit your needs. Colours will vary due to your different monitor types and on how the stains are used.

These timber tones are also a good indication of the different timbers you could get on a newly laid floor.



Radiata Pine

Treated Pine


Red Cedar




Tassie Oak




Lime Wash 1






Lime Wash 2



Sky Blue

Sea Green

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