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s_290_210_16777215_00_images_timberdecking_timberdecking-01.jpgBesides our Timber Floor Laying Services, Floating Timber Floor Laying Services and Floor Restoration and Refinishing Services Get A Gleam lay you a stunning timber deck or restore your tide looking deck. Timber decks add character to many styles of home and are a very popular addition to many Australian homes and even offices, restaurants and stores.

If your old timber deck is looking rundown and worn out looking don't despair as Get A Gleam can help you by restoring it back to its original luster and finish. Even if some of the boards are damaged we can rip those out and replace them with new boards. Then we will sand the whole deck back to a nice smooth level surface and finish it in either tongue oil or a variety of laquer style finishes.

If you don't have a timber deck contact Get A Gleam

and we can give you a quote on your own new timber deck.

s_290_210_16777215_00_images_timberdecking_timberdecking-02.jpgTimber decking is great for commercial restaurants due to its much better non slip capabilities compared to tiles or pebbled concrete finishes and the like.

Unlike tiles a timber deck can be restored and refinished after the years have taken their toll.

Timber decking is a timeless addition and does not age or go out of fashion like many modern finishes people use on outdoor entertainment areas and balconies.

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